Ping Pong:- A Mixture Of Chess And Aerobics


Ping pong or better known as table tennis is a game in which two or four players come together to hit a ball on the table. It is somewhat the same as playing lawn tennis, but the thing is that you have to play it on a table and that too with small rackets and balls. What makes it interesting is that ping pong is a sport that includes an equal level of exercise that a person can experience in a tennis match but without tiring much to the player.


When you are playing table tennis, you will probably require to use both your physical and mental strength, which means you can lose your weight or burn calories but only when you use your mind to play the game effectively.



Mixture of chess and aerobics


Before you analyze ping pong as a combination of chess and aerobics, it is mandatory that you know what chess and aerobics are.


Chess: Chess is a board game where two players can play together to show off their skills and strategies to make the opponent lose. The game is played on a board that has 64 squares, which is arranged in an 8x8 grid. Millions of people play chess offline and online in various events; it is believed that the game is an Indian Origin game derived from chaturanga and is as old as the 7th century.


Aerobics: many people know aerobics as the physical exercise that can help them to lose their fat in an enjoyable manner. Most people love to do aerobics when they want to lose weight; it is the most trending exercise that people do in their gymnasium and dance classes. It is a part of physical exercise.

 A combination of both


Now when you are pretty much clear with the fact that what is chess and what is aerobics, then it becomes important that you learn more about how it is a combination.


Ping pong is a game where the player who is playing the game need to invest both his physical and mental strength. That means a player needs to be strong enough to invest the physical power in the game but keeping in mind that the physical power will only be successful when they have mental knowledge of how to play this.


Chess is a game of the mind; every person cannot play chess if they do not have proper knowledge of the game. Just like chess, you will also require your mental knowledge in the game of ping pong, here you need to know that in which angle you should hit the ball in order to get the point and in a way that the opponent cannot hit it back.


Aerobics being a physical exercise is related to ping pong as if you will only use brain and no power in hitting the ball, you will probably lose the game.


Hence, it is pretty much clear that you will need both technique and power to play the game, and it concludes that it is a combination of chess and aerobics. For any Information you can always Visit our Ping Pong Beast .